Click through to see some of the things that influence my life and my writing.

I am a movie addict through and through.  I see new movies and enjoy spending time trying to complete my book entittled, “1001 Movies to See Before You Die.”  Movies influence me more than most other entertainment.

I read about 30 books a year.  Although movies influence me more than anything, books influence my writing style.  I have tried out several different writing styles after reading unique books.  Taking what I like and leaving what I don’t is how my writing style how developed over the years.

Viral Videos
I Stumble a lot.  As a result, I come across a lot of viral videos that blow my mind.  This group of videos may seem strange, but they are the ones that have changed the way I think.

Music doesn’t usually influence me all that much.  I do listen to music as I write, however.  This list is an assortment of what I listen to and some songs that have made me think.